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The Last Templar *
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The Tradgedy of Jacques de Molay, Last Grand Master of the Temple. 
Translated version of the book written by Alain Demurger translated by Antonia Neveille. 
The Order af the Temple and it's mysteries excercised Kings and Popes then and continues to facinate today as it's role in the Da Vinci Code shows. 
This is a pioneering investigation into the fall of the mighty Knight'sTemplar and their last Grand Master by one of France's greatest medieval scholars - 'a complex story of greed, chivalry, and, ultimately, execution.'  
Interesting reading for anyone interested in Knights Templar and an exciting passage back in time to the life and death of the Grand Master himself, Jacques de Molay.  
ISBN 1-86197-553-8 
Published by: Profile Books
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