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Large Masonic Quaich - Plain Brass Rim and Celtic Handles (Square & Cmpass as illustrated is 6.00 Extra - Please enter in Additional Information if required)
Order Code : MQA 09     Unit Price : £46.50
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Product Code - 43LB (115MM DIAMETER) 
Please view our range of Scottish Masonic Quaiche's for the ideal gift for an Installing Master, Master of the Lodge or simply a gift for a Brother. We trust there is a Masonic Gift that will meet with your approval and trust we can assist you in the future? 
Quaich's can be purchased with or without Quaich Plinths. Please view Masonic Quaich Plinth section and Design Section for additional designs for inner of quaich. 
Should you wish to order a quaich or plinth with a Masonic Crest or personal message please contact us on 01925 299555 
as this is at an extra cost. 
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