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Achesons Haven Cryptic Council No.376 - PART OF PRIVATE COLLECTION - CONTACT ALEX
Order Code : MMS 013     Unit Price : £6.00
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Achesons Haven Cryptic Council No.376 
This Lodge/Chapter has accepted our sponsorship offer for Millennium Mark to market a limited number of these tokens based on our Conditions of Sale.  
Our Condition of Sale prohibits the re-sell of these tokens commercially or on auction sites.  
You are of course at liberty to purchase this token direct from our customers Lodge or Chapter where the Secretary or Scribes details can be obtained from the relevant Yearbooks.  
Please view Enamelled Token section as this token may be available in enamel. Once the tokens have been sold we shall indicate they are out of stock but the tokens shall remain on the website so customers can view the standard of our work.  
Good Luck with your collecting. 
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