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Grand Lodge Apron - Members of Grand Committee and Grand Stewards
Order Code : SGL 04     Unit Price : £119.00
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PRICE ON APPLICATION - Apron of Special Design.  
Of White Lambskin sixteen inches wide & fouteen inches deep, rectagular in shape with a semi-circular flap six inches deep at the centre.  
An edging of two-inch wide Thistle Green material (ribbon) with an internal border of half-inch Gold Lace; the flap trimmed in Thistle Green material (ribbon) with half-inch wide Gold Lace above a Gold Bullion Fringe.  
Embroidered in Gold on the flap the Badge of the Grand Lodge with the words 'The Grand Lodge of Scotland' in place of the emblem of office.  
Tassels of seven chains suspended from Green Ribbons from underneath the flap on each side.  
Two Rosettes of Green material (ribbon)on lower corners of the Apron.
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