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Scottish Past Masters Thistle Wreath Jewel Square
Order Code : SPM 03     Unit Price : £175.00
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Scottish Past Masters Thistle Wreath Jewel Square, Compass and Segment with Star and Stone Centre of Star - Single Thistle Rope Edged Bar - Metal Gilt  
You can select from any of our bars,jewels or ribbon emblem from our range. Refer to Ribbon Emblems section for prices of emblems for additional costs. 
Stones are available in red, amber, blue or clear.  
Hand or Machine engraving available. Please remember to complete engraving details on checkout page. 
Millennium Mark wish to make it clear that all Scottish Past Master Jewels are die struck and manufactured in the United Kingdom. All dies are the sole property of Millennium Mark and therefore jewels are bespoke to our company alone. 
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