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Hallmark Tokens was set up ten years ago to offer Token Collectors the opportunity to collect Lodge and Chapter tokens sponsored by Millennium Mark.  These tokens are a very 'Limited Edition' and although in earlier days we sponsored our customers for twenty five tokens this has been recently reduced to a maximum of fifteen tokens.

There is a condition of sale with regards to these tokens purchased.  Customers are not allowed to re-sell these tokens on any commercial or auction site and are simply for personal use only.

Should Millennium Mark be aware of any customer in breach of  the 'condition of sale' we shall refrain from future sale to this customer as the Lodges and Chapters have been made aware the sponsorship has only been set up not only to assist genuine collectors but also the Lodges and Chapters offered the sponsorship.

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item ID:2904
Token Collectors Set No.2
Order Code : TCS 02
Unit Price : £30.00
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item ID:2906
Token Collectors Set No.3
Order Code : TCS 03
Unit Price : £30.00
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item ID:2908
Token Collectors Set No.5
Order Code : TCS 05
Unit Price : £30.00
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