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Welcome to the Scottish Supreme Council Product Pages. 

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item ID:825
Red Biretta - Grand Orator/High Prelate
Order Code : SDD 10
Unit Price : £68.00
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item ID:326
Grand Commander Collar Jewel - Metal Gilt
Order Code : SAA 04
Unit Price : £202.25
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item ID:318
Sword and Scabbard - Gold Handle & Red Scabbard - Plain Blade
Order Code : SRC 13
Unit Price : £180.00
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item ID:324
30th Degree Collarette - 1 Inch Black & White Edges
Order Code : SAA 03
Unit Price : £11.65
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item ID:322
30th Degree Sash - Fully Hand Embroidered - Supreme Quality
Order Code : SAA 01
Unit Price : £113.95
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