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On behalf of the Directors, Shareholders and Employees of Millennium Mark we would like to welcome you to our website.


Information at the beginning of each section offers valued information.

Friendship Tokens and Masonic Token Collectors in the Token section is a section not to be missed.

We also intend to update our Masonic Carpet section with illustrations of our customers Masonic Carpet designs.  This should offer customers the opportunity to see various designs offering valuable assistance when trying to select a new carpet.

VAT is charged at 20% and all prices are inclusive of VAT.

We do not accept payment online but you can pay by Credit/Debit Card over the telephone.  An invoice will be dispatched with the goods and payment can be made by Cheque, Credit/Debit Card or Bank Transfer within 14 days of receipt of invoice for UK customers only.

All overseas customers are required to pay by Visa or MasterCard prior to the order being shipped.

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