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There are not so many weeks left for Christmas so don't disappoint your husband and make sure you purchase your Christmas Gifts in plenty of time. 

This section is designed to offer our customers wives an opportunity to purchase a Christmas Gift for their hisband or indeed if you are simply wishing to purchase a gift on behalf of a friend or Master of the Lodge.

Whatever your reason we trust the products listed will be of assistance to you for a small stocking filler gift?

Please view the rest of our site for details of other items of interest and please do not hesitate to call us on 01942 728000 should you have any specific questionyou need to ask regarding our products, delivery times etc.

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item ID:2228
Forget-Me-Not Package
Order Code : CGP 01
Unit Price : £38.00
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item ID:2230
Scottish Craft Package
Order Code : CGP 02
Unit Price : £30.00
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item ID:2231
Scottish Past Masters Package
Order Code : CGP 03
Unit Price : £38.00
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item ID:2229
Royal Arch Chapter Package
Order Code : CGP 04
Unit Price : £38.00
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item ID:2660
Mark Package
Order Code : CGP 05
Unit Price : £55.00
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item ID:2661
Royal Ark Mariner Package
Order Code : CGP 06
Unit Price : £36.00
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item ID:2662
Forget-Me-Not Tie & Lapel Badge
Order Code : CGP 07
Unit Price : £13.00
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