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Millennium Mark has chosen to discontinue the single Scottish Constitution Sash in preference for the Double Sash offering our customers a higher quality product.

Scottish Constitution Sashes can be manufactured in Velvet or Tartan should this be requested and a sample of Tartan can be supplied at the time of order to ensure the correct velvet/tartan is used.

Refer to Scottish Constitution Sashes Extras for further information on items such as Numerals, Thistle Wreaths, Bullion Fringe and Lace Edges.

All Scottish Constitution sashes are supplied with standard Button and Braid as standard.

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item ID:10
Sash Double
Order Code : SSS 01
Unit Price : £29.45
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item ID:11
Sash Tartan or Velvet
Order Code : SSS 02
Unit Price : £48.70
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