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Scottish Constitution RWM or Officers Gauntlets can be purchased in two styles:

* Emblem only

* Full badge with Lodge details

Both types are Hand Embroidered in Gilt or silver wire of your choice. A further additional extra of Wreath can also be added to the Gauntlets if requested.

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item ID:6
Gauntlets For Officers with Emblems Only
Order Code : SSG 01
Unit Price : £88.25
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item ID:5
Gauntlets For Officers - Full Badge
Order Code : SSG 02
Unit Price : £115.00
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item ID:8
Gauntlets For Officers Tartan or Velvet Extra
Order Code : SSG 03
Unit Price : £14.00
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item ID:23
Extra for Wreath on Gauntlets
Order Code : SSG 04
Unit Price : £25.45
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